Your English fellow

Hiiiiii my fellows. What's up ? How were your days, how the matters are going? Soooo I do hope that everything is alright and would like to keep writing my post with a pleasure to all of you. It occured to me that I should tell more about my diffuculties exactly at the university. There is the beatiful and astonishing weather, my fav basketball is alredy going outside but what I'm supposed to do ? Yeah, I have to complete some kind of academic work. In the Ukraine we call it like "курсовая'. I beg you a pardon but I have no idea how to say correctly this case. Guys I really fuck this shit. I have just no any kind of word to express how damn I feel when I start doing this piece of shit. This trash, this useless and senseless bunkam. Ohh, close your eyes if you desire. I'm really done by that. To put it bluntly, I have to do this shit by the Friday and already today I've felt furious with my "smart" teacher. You know what I mean? Want you to know which topic I've chosen last year? Oh SPACE TECH. SPACE TECH, CARL!!! Christ, haha , I'm feeling mad right now but nevermind. Avoid such topic, avoid such kind of works, avoid brainless techers. Unfortunatly I started to loss my inspiration and as soon as it's possible I want with all my heart to pass this SUBJECT. And when I pass this shit I will shout with all my efforts "FUCK THIS FAG" . So we have tomorrow, Thursday and an half of Friday to get positive mark and not to be pissed of.

Ready to your answers, thoughts and perhaps your situations. I always glad to listen to your life's experience!
Sincerely yours

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