Your English fellow

"Guten Abend , meine Freunde". Hmmmm, I mean "Hiiii my friends". This German has already fucked me but nevermind. I would like to get to know how everyone is doing?) As to me I got hurt myself due to being played basketball (exactly my arm). Frankly speaking I enjoy playing basketball enourmously . And what I want to add that this activity drives me. U know what I am talking about? This is like you have a faith, you have a belief, you know why you do what you do. Something that sincerely force you to get up every day in the morning , to do it your best. If you understand what I am talking about right now, I request you to answer what activity drives you and what is that, why you believe? Okay, I speak too much a little but let's turn back to my "valuable" experience from morning. To hide my pain, I did like "Ahhh THIS FUCKING AFWUL AND PAINFUL" but without any emotions. Guys I relly beg of you to be more careful instead of me but it's basketball,you know :)
So I understood that some hobys and probably abilities inspire me but it's not enough . I find out that basketball, english inspire me and I mean do me more better than I were. Nevertheless I am in search and as well as you intend to develop every part,cell in your brain or system that upgrade us from 1.0 version to 2.0 version.

Waiting for your answers, propositions and maybe pieces of advice. Let's fuck them all and will be developed!
Best regards
Your Fellow ^*^

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