The narrative of Mikhail Peleg started when he was keen on logo making.

He was brought up in America, hoewever, was born in Israel. In 1991, he was finished with the investigation in the Academy of Applied Arts Bezalel as a creator, and he graduated as of now as a pro with incredible outcomes.

Such a success brings him even more rewards that motivated him more and more. In 2006 Communication Arts rewarded him for productive and incredible work. Starting with his first attempts in Tel-Aviv he has reached fascinating results and created his own firm called PMdesigners. Commercial field of the company are design and corporate identity. The goal is to bring understanding and awareness of the customer about a certain firm to the next level with help of company`s logo. Many of the works are available on Mikhail Peleg`s web-site - pmdesigners.com. Logos are the answers to many questions that customer has. They do explain the intentions of the company, plus do associate with something good. There are many examples, when logos show the nature of the company. Shmoopy with a logo of friendly hare shows that they are happy to sell products related to children. Kodak Israel with red and yellow silhouettes holding hands shows friendly spirit of the company. Logos are the key to successful communication between company and customers and Mikhail Peleg proved it more than once. As an example we can take a look at logos of Kodak, WIZO, PAZ Oil Company, Kornit, Celtro and others.

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